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Free Health Insurance

Free health insurance is insurance which allow people to avail themselves of medical services and health care needs free of charge. Free health insurance is commonly provided by the government for its citizens and permanent residents. In Australia, free health insurance is provided by the government in the form of Medicare. This free health insurance was initiated by the government to cover the expenses incurred by Australians for their health care needs, such as doctor's fees, hospitalization, and treatment. Free health insurance derives its funds from taxes or levies imposed by the government. Although free health insurance is typically used in public hospitals, some private hospitals operate in partnership with the government by charging only a small portion of the total medical fees to the patient. In these cases, free health insurance programs pay for the bigger percentage (i.e., 75 percent) of the medical bills, so that the patient will only be paying for the remainder. While citizens are charged a levy to fund the free health insurance program, people belonging in lower income levels are exempted from paying this levy. However, the government subsidizes those who opt to get private health insurance, so that the use of free health insurance funds will be maximized for those who cannot afford to pay their medical expenses.

What does free health insurance cover?

Free health insurance programs cover medical expenses related to health care needs, such as regular health check, hospitalization, and out-patient services. Free health insurance also provides coverage for surgery and the use of medical diagnostic tests, although the patient may be subjected to a waiting list. In some cases, the purchase of certain prescription drugs may also be covered by free health insurance. The free health insurance program may also cover optometric and dental services, although the latter is limited to some dental surgical procedures only. What the free health insurance program does not cover is alternative medical practices. However, the free health insurance program in Australia (Medicare) covers acupuncture done by a medical professional. Free health insurance programs may also provide limited coverage to some therapeutic services, such as physical therapy. Free health insurance may be used in both public and private hospitals. While doctor's fees are covered by free health insurance programs through bulk-billing (the program pays for the total of the doctor's fees charged to various patients), it is solely at the discretion of the doctor.

Why would you need free health insurance?

As the cost of medical treatment can be quite high, you can benefit much from free health insurance programs. With free health insurance provided by the government, you have the assurance that when you get sick, injured, or need medical attention, your health care needs will be addressed free of charge.